11 Awesome Perks of Pregnancy

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11 awesome perks of pregnancy all mothers-to-be! Be it from the constant smiles from people seeing your belly, to the joy your presence bring around everyone. You instantly make everyone around behave in a much softer, kinder fashion. Meanwhile, you can put p your swollen feet up the counter and ask your partner to give you the pampering you truly deserve! Here are some awesome perks of pregnancy!

1. Maternity clothes

Before pregnancy, you never knew the joy and comfortableness of the maternity clothes! Sure, it took some time to get on the maternity clothes wagon, but now that you have, there’s no turning back. Yoga pants for dinner parties, comfortable sweatshirts, t-shirts, and wearing the same oversized clothes for days because at this point, that’s the only thing that fits! Maternity clothes truly combine style and cosiness all at once.

2. Guilt-free nap times  

You have all the reasons to take naps; rather people will advise that you do! Napping has never felt more guilt-free. You can just arch your back, let out a sigh, and plop down with your favourite comforter and pillow. Napping gives you the time to reenergize your batteries, and also let your feet get some well needed rest.  After all, you’re using energy for two now!

3. People are always kind  

You big, beautiful baby bump will welcome quite a lot of kind smiles and belly rubs. People will generally be much nicer to you, and even a little scared of your raging hormones. It might be quite amusing and downright delightful to you when you get the sears on the metro, and helpful strangers offer help to carry your grocery bags.

4. Boss around others

The best pregnancy perk is to get everyone around to do the things. You can make people tend to you strange whims and fancies and nobody would even think twice before tending to your needs. You are now the creator of a whole another human being, so people see you with a much higher degree of patience and understanding of your swinging hormones.

5. Great excuse to not to do chores

Household chores, what’s that? Forget about having to do household chores, and just ease around the house with your beautiful baby bump. This is the best time to get people to take care of you, be it your partner – whom you can you call to tend to your every fancy, or your parents, as they would be much more willing to help you out through this journey.

6. Eat whatever you like

Pro pregnancy perk is getting to eat whatever you, whenever you like! No more of no-no of random snacking or indulging in your favourite food more than your usual diet chart. Now that you’re eating for two, it is quite expected of you have major cravings, and people will be much happy to indulge in your wants and likes.  

7. Skipping lines

No more of queuing up! Lines at your nearest supermarket will be much shorter for you, and everyday grocery run will get a lot faster. Be it for public transport, bank, or anywhere remotely crowded, expect people to make way for you and give the queen treatment that you deserve!

8. Beauty benefits

More on the unexpected perks of pregnancy comes a silkier and much thicker mane of hair. So, style it all you want, and revel in all its glory. Also, stronger nails, and unexpected curves. Overall, you will be looking your best, especially with the added benefit of that pregnancy glow. Increased blood flow makes your face appear rosier and shinier skin.

9. More attention  

It may feel a little awkward initially, but soon you will realise the perks of your pregnancy of always being in the spotlight. All the attention of the room will be grabbed by you and your beautiful pregnant belly. Unexpected gifts and way more compliments too! A wonderful boost for the self-esteem while nurturing your baby in the belly. These kinds of positive affirmations truly act as wonders for the overall well-being of the mother and the baby.

10. Opt out of social events

The next time you don’t want to show up at a boring social event with nosy relatives, just fall back on the “I’m pregnant and very tired,” excuse! Nobody will even feel bad about your excuse because they’d totally understand your present situation. These perks of pregnancy save you from not having to go through the trouble of dressing up and walking with your swollen foot. Instead, stay home, with the same old home clothes, and just keep munching on your nachos.  

11. Lots of pampering

This is the time to let your partner fawn over you, and run after you, without you feeling guilty about it. Let them take care of you, give you massages, give you back rubs, or provide some relaxation for your big, balloon, weary self. Your partner doting on you means them running around you tending to your needs, and also warming up to take care of the baby on the way!


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