6 Fun Facts of a Baby Born in February

February baby

A baby born in February brings a whole new dynamic to ‘Once in a Lifetime birthdays’! With a baby comes joy and unbound happiness, especially the February-borns, who are definitely destined for greatness! Here, we have compiled a list of things that sets a baby born in February aside and makes them unique!

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Much more cool headed

A baby born in February is bound to be more cool-headed and calm in nature. These babies are not prone to getting in a fit of rage and being irritable. The winter of their birth month has a wonderful effect on them, making them reserved, thoughtful, and pleasant in nature.

Famous birthdays

A baby born in February is definitely very much likely to have a famous birthday twin! From Harry Styles, Jennifer Aniston, to Chris Rock, Rebel Wilson, and so many more! The list of superstar birthdays is quite long, meaning, they are definitely bound for the superstardom.

Birth stone and Birth Flower are royalty

The little babies born in February really does have a royal pathway set out for them. Their birthstone is the regal purple amethyst. Thus, giving out regal and classy vibes. Nothing too shabby for them! Their birth flower is the delicate and sophisticated Violet. They stand for loyalty, dedication, and faithfulness. Very admirable strong traits, indeed!

Huge artistic flair

February born babies tend to end up in artistic endeavours! A small study has found out that a large portion of February kids ends up as artists or artistically inclined careers. Well, this is credited to their imaginative and creative abilities, which also carve the path for their stardom.

A birthday as unique as ever

Having a leap year birthday truly makes the baby as unique as ever. A baby born on a leap year day can only celebrate their ‘real’ birthday once in four years, making them 1 out of 1461, backing up in the 0.068% of the total population. Parents, rejoice! Such incredible chance strikes upon the most special of the lot. This definitely means something extraordinary.

Always a step ahead

February babies have also been known to score much higher on standardized exams, and are generally much more compassionate in nature. However, statistically, they are known to be on the shorter side, yet, their creative and humanitarian qualities truly set them apart from the rest of the crowd!

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