7 creative and easy crafts to make for your dad on father’s day.

June is here! The dad community saw it coming! It’s almost father’s day. Being a dad is not easy. They spend long hours in the office cramming up & stuck to their chairs. It gets a little lonely in their custom boxed workspace, doesn’t it? How about we show them some affection with some handmade crafts? Dads everywhere will love it! A little bit of glitter & colour and easy crafts to brighten up their day.
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Put on with your thinking hats cause things are about to get creative.

Here you go- 7 creative handmade crafts to make for your dad on father’s day.

1. 3-D paper Trophy
Some old cardboard boxes, a pair of scissors, glue and your sketchies. Now you are good to go!

Click here to know more

2.DIY Suit design Father’s day greeting card

Here is a classy way to wish your dad. Some coloured paper, scissors & glue. Don’t forget to get creative!

Check out the link to watch the full video.

3. Magic card

All you need is a pair of scissors, glue, some coloured paper, and colour pencils.

Click on this for the tutorial!

4. Scratch off Card

A creative way to tell your dad how much you love him.

Link to the full tutorial.

5. Stone painting

Collect some stones from the front yard and let your imagination pour out. And voila!

Watch the full video here.

6. DIY custom print T-Shirt

Got old t-shirts that your dad barely wears anymore? Vamp it up with this creative idea.

Click on this link for the full DIY guide.

7. Out-of-waste sculpture

Recycle and reuse old scraps you find at home into a beautiful sculpture for your dad!

Link to the full tutorial.

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