Fashion Tips for Baby Girls

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With a little cutie in the house, parents are all head over heels for the little patootie. When it comes to baby girl clothes, Parents have a variety of choices. There is a plethora of styles out there, and the quandary is between what you want and what you really need. Parents want their baby girl to look absolutely adorable and to add up to the cuteness of the little munchkin here are some fashion tips for baby girls. Pyjamas are not the definition of comfort

Comfort is not only Pyjamas

For baby clothing, comfort should always be the priority but comfort does not always mean hanging out in loungey clothes. Comfy leggings and a simple, cozy cute unicorn and superwoman sweatshirt are still easy, but more pulled together and look very cute on baby girl.

Step outside the box

Don’t stick to the conventional idea of pairing two items, say skirt and t-shirt or top, try to mix and match the outfits and create some new look out of regular items. Go for DIY, your creativity will come into use here. :p

Dress your baby girl according to her body type

Just like adults, it’s good to dress your baby for their body type. For example, Ill-fitting pants for skinny legged girls are a big NO NO. Instead of pants go for thick knit tights. They fit much better and give a much cuter look too.

Pattern is the new trend

Pattern mixing is fun for baby girls too! Polka dots, heart print, tie dyes and many other simple patterns in color family are the go-to. Its fun way to add color to your baby’s wardrobe. Its simple to find, and are all time classics.

Outfit from Scratch

Sometimes the “baby section” of stores is limited with the things it has to offer. Example, a cute bandana or a corset sort of belt or some baby girl accessories, you can make these items on your own. These are super easy, here’s a video on cute DIY headbands.

DIY Headbands for baby girls.

Go for oversized clothes, sometimes

When it comes to buying jeans and tops go for bigger sizes in slim cuts. Tank tops can easily become sundresses for now and tops later, same goes with jeans as well, cuff them now and sometime later they can be worn as ankle length jeans.

Don’t go over the top

Don’t overdress the baby, sometimes parents tend to do hair, shoes, dress beyond a certain line, where it looks heavily overdone, and it makes the baby girl uncomfortable too. Baby outfits need to be elegant and simple. Their style should not overshadow their innocence.

Go for bright colors

Baby girls look cute in vibrant dress with bright colors. Try to pick up colors that are lively and happy. From little skirts to floral print dress all reflect the vivaciousness of the baby.

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