6 Fun Facts of a Baby Born in January

January baby

A baby born in January brings a whole new meaning to ‘New Year, New Beginnings’! Turning a new leaf over in your life, and starting the year with a blessed baby comes with a lot of fun facts! Here, we have compiled a list of things that sets a baby born in January aside and makes them unique!

1. Future Doctor or Accountant

A research had been done in the UK National Statistics centre, where the survey showed the maximum number of January babies ended up with a degree in medicine, or as an accountant. Either way, quite a bright future ahead for the little one!

2. Most likely to get famous

Most of the extremely famous personalities or popular celebrities are January born. There is no science behind it, but a small study has proved this. January-borns are naturally quite charming and have the drive to be popular while being unique. Perhaps this quality is the secret fibre of the celebrity breed.

3. Has the quality of becoming a leader

Even if the MD degree doesn’t work out for them, a baby born in January is also very much likely to become a CEO of a big company and have fun being the boss of everyone. For now, as the parent, you can boss over them!

3. Very athletic in nature

A baby born in January is also most likely to be more prone to athletics, and become a pro athlete. It is because of their superior physical abilities as compared to the kids in their year. This is mostly because the baby will probably be a little older than the rest of the kids in their class, providing them with an advantageous edge.

4. Calm and reserved

If you have a baby born in January, then they are bound to be more relaxed and calm than the babies of other months. The chill and the cosiness of the winter season have a way of rubbing off their personality. Hence, they turn out to be much less irritable and hardly every annoyed.

5. More likely to be left-handed

Scientific research has shown that a baby born in January may turn out to be left-handed. They are much more artistic and in touch with their feelings. Creatively prone babies turn out to be highly successful later in their lives.

6. Less prone to the risks of diseases

Something about the start of the year and fresh resolutions has a way of impacting the baby’s immunity system. Research has shown that a baby born in January will most definitely naturally have a much stronger immunity system, and they are very less prone to facing the risks from common diseases.

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