Fun ways to encourage cleanup by children

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Early exposure to cleaning up to children is very important for many reasons. Though this article isn’t focused towards explaining the importance of it, we thought of listing some fun ways to encourage cleanup by children

1. Lead by example

New parents may find this a little difficult considering you have to juggle looking after your newborn, your job, and your household – in an extremely unpredictable schedule! But it is essential to note down that little babies are much more prone to imitate their parents. Hence, if you practice what you preach, your little one will soon pick it up watching and copying you.

2. Make it a reward based project

The most useful hack to set a habit in your children is by making it a reward-based project! First-time parents may find teaching their little ones healthy habits quite daunting. But if you try out this trick, the little ones will actually be looking forward to completing the task to earn the reward!  This will also teach them the value of hard work in order to achieve something.

3. Include fun little games

Make the act of cleanliness lively and entertaining. Have a cleanliness song, pick out a chore, and make it a speed test! You can find more such fun activities here!. This is one of the most fun ways to encourage cleanup by children

4. Become Superheroes of Cleanliness

Teach your baby girl or baby boy that they can become Superheroes while practicing clean habits. This will also help them learn the practices of keeping neat and tidy, and also give them a boost in their wholesome development!

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5. Watch fun videos together

YouTube, cartoon channels, animated videos showing daily practices of cleanliness like personal hygiene, household chores, and more can provide relatively simple and easy methods to get your message across. Your babies will catch all these modes of information faster, and also gradually implement them.

6. Make a calendar as a form of habit tracker

Keeping a track of your daily habits is quite a useful method for kids and adults alike! New parents can set up a calendar system of tracking these healthy habits of their kids in order to further encourage such conduct in their kids. A constant visual reminder will also let them know of the progress they’re making, and this will, in turn, lead to fewer chances of them breaking the cycle loop of practising such good behaviours.

7. Have competitions

Healthy competition to determine the “winner” can be a helpful way to teach cleanliness practices in your little baby girl or baby boy! These competitions will also encourage in them the quality of being a good sport, and give them the extra push to never laze around but always maintain good hygiene. These are some of the most fun ways to encourage cleanup by children

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