Hair care during pregnancy: Do’s and Don’ts

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Pregnancy is the time of transformation in a woman’s life. During pregnancy, a woman undergoes various hormonal changes in her body. It affects the quality and texture of her hair. Here are some tips for hair care during and after pregnancy.

Hair care during pregnancy :

Oil Massage

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Oil massage slows down hair fall. Oil has hair-growth stimulating properties and helps in increasing the thickness of hair.

Chemical free Shampoo and Conditioner

Some shampoos contain harmful formaldehyde. Some pregnant women become overwhelmed by aromas and many hair care products are scented. Choose the product which are chemical free.

Avoid coloring and hair treatments

Doctors suggest that chemical treatments should be avoided in the first trimester. Just take a break during pregnancy. Go for natural oil.

Prevent split ends and rough edges

Trim the ends regularly, it prevents split ends and rough edges. Getting a new hairstyle will also make you feel good about yourself and is one important tip for hair care during pregnancy.

Don’t use comb when wet

@storibuk don't apply comb when wet, can lead to hair damage.
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Hair is the weakest when wet. If you comb wet hair, you risk breaking off the strands of hair when they get caught in the comb.

Know the type of your scalp and hair

@storibuk know the type of your scalp and hair so that proper hair care can be done

Know you hair type. If you have any problem like dandruff, brittle hair or thinning and limp hair, you need to pick a shampoo and conditioner suitable for that specific condition.

Avoid tight hairstyles

Tight hairstyles that pull and stress your hair can aggravate hair fall. Avoid tight braids, cornrows, and ponytails or severe buns .

Eat healthy food

Fresh fruits and vegetables along with seeds, nuts and foods rich in protein are good for pregnant women. Also consumption of water should be enough, so that you stay hydrated all day long.

For haircare during pregnancy Avoid stress

Stress triggers hair fall. So de-stress and relax by going for a walk in a garden and try some yoga.

Apply Fenugreek Seeds on hair

Fenugreek is excellent for hair growth. It also strengthens hair and gives a beautiful shine.

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