How to make the best out of your maternity leave

maternity leave

Congratulations from team #Storibuk!

A beautiful being is blessed through you and we wish nothing but happiness and joy.
Speaking of pregnancy, we are pretty sure you are stressing over what to do before your baby comes or what to do with the time before your due date arrives.

the joy of pregnancy.

We made a folder on Pinterest that has instructions and ideas for every maternity questions that you have!

Smart eh? We care for you and your baby. Make sure you are eating right and checking your mental health equally.

Check out our Pinterest for more such wonderful insights!

You can also read our blog on Low-budget photo-shoot ideas for pregnant women! These are wonderful ways to explore your creativity while prepping up for the little bundle of joy soon to enter your life.

What is Storibuk? It is an app that Stores all your precious moments forever in a personalised virtual photostory book!
An exclusive digital platform made for parents and their little ones! Share photos, videos, add stickers, answer questions and keep these moments close to you. 🌸
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