Low-budget photoshoot ideas for pregnant women

pregnancy shoot ideas

Congratulations! A beautiful baby is growing inside of you. A part of this journey you are on would mean a lot after its all over and that’s when you know you definitely need a  quick photoshoot with your baby bump.  You can also try downloading Storibuk that helps you store memories digitally. A less hectic way to keep them compiled on your phone.

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Don’t want an expensive photoshoot? We got you covered.

Just get your phone & a clean area in your living room ! You don’t want your pictures to be unconstructed. Don’t you? A Clear canvas or a beautiful background scenery is key!

 If you have a balcony , that works too! Make sure you get a decent lighting and you are good to go. The best time to shoot would be in the morning or during the golden hour when the sunset gives a really beautiful golden lighting. Note that the golden hour starts after 4!

If you have a garden or trees in your area, you can always use them as probs for your photoshoot. Nature always adds a little more intensity and elegance in pictures.

You can also visit the park or the farmhouse you love!

Lastly, All you need to do is smile thoughout the pictures  and have fun with it!

Ansel Adams, a famous photographer once said, “You don’t take a photograph,you make it.”

Here are some quick poses & frames to take inspiration from:

pregnancy photos
pregnancy photos

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