9 tips for soon to be a father

As soon to be a father it is quite a massive task waiting ahead of you. Nothing can prepare yourself against the rollercoaster ride parenting is! Pictures of cute babies across the internet often don’t indulge in the unexpected changes that they bring into your life, but the reality is a lot tougher than fancy baby photo-shoots.

For the new and soon to be fathers out there, here are some helpful tips for you to make this experience as breezy and enriching as possible!

1. It is okay to give yourself a break

Being new parents can be emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. There will be days and nights of wacky schedules and zero shut eyes. Don’t get too hard on yourself, and always remember to take a break. After all, resting gives your brain a much-needed recharge. This will make your approach towards your baby, and your wife, much more positive and livelier!

2. Enjoy yourself

Raising a baby need not always be all discipline and rules! Take a moment of out of your daily routine of sweating and stressing over your little one, and just have fun with them! This will lead you onto a path of a much deeper bond with your baby. This playfulness will increase your baby’s trust in you, and they will be more receptive to your words and actions!

3. Give time to understand

Understanding and comprehending the little signals and behaviours of your baby requires quite a keen eye! Hence, don’t let all the dirty nappies, and spilt food distract you from what is important: watching your baby grow. Once you notice their little cues and mumble of words, your heart will fill up with joy. These are the moments to look out for.

4. Strike a balance

As soon to be a father, there could be multiple things you would be stressed upon. Stressing over the surge in the finances of the household is normal, and expected. However, don’t let that be your mood when you come home to your baby at the end of the day. Leave your work in the office and remember the reason that is pushing you. Spend time with your partner alone. Schedule date nights, after the baby has been put to sleep.

This will create a much better understanding of empathy and love between the two of you.

5. Find alternatives

Now with a little one in tow, a lot of your usual activities may take an abrupt halt. Be prepared for this, and find suitable alternatives to it! Instead of just leaving your baby at home with a nanny, bring them along to your day-outs. And, definitely don’t plan your schedules like you did before! It will take time to adapt to such an unpredictable routine, but the sooner you do it, the better it will be for you.

6. Trust yourself

Once you become a new dad, there will be plenty of advice and parenting guidance pouring in from everywhere. Don’t lose your breath listening and trying to follow every one of it. Remind yourself to be level headed, and ask yourself – what do you feel in your gut? New parents often get bombarded with ‘parenting tips and tricks’ from relatives, friends, cousins, and so on! Just trust the process, and have faith in yourself.

7. Engage your baby

A father’s role is often stereotyped the cold and strict parent. These gender norms are silly and restrict you from forming a close bond with your child. To maintain a healthy relationship with your little one, give them a role model they can be proud of.  Talk, play, sing, and dance with your baby. Never lose touch.

8. Support your partner

First-time parents always have it the hardest. To unload the stress, nothing is better than sharing. The lack of sleep and proper schedule may ruin both of your moods, but always find a way to make up before going to sleep. The happiness between you and your partner will reflect on your baby’s mental and emotional development.

9. Ask for help

You’re not supposed to know everything about parenting without having experienced it before. As a soon to be a father the first time will always be the rockiest one. However, don’t consider yourself a failure if you require much-needed help. Ask your parents, listen to their advice, and raise a happy, healthy, and wonderful baby, together as a family.

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